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Soundcloud Music Downloader


This script is able to download music from SoundCloud and set id3tag to the downloaded music. Compatible with Windows, OS X, Linux.

System requirements

  • python3
  • ffmpeg

Installation Instructions



There is a configuration file left in ~/.config/scdl/scdl.cfg


# Download track & repost of the user QUANTA
scdl -l https://soundcloud.com/quanta-uk -a

# Download likes of the user Blastoyz
scdl -l https://soundcloud.com/kobiblastoyz -f

# Download one track
scdl -l https://soundcloud.com/jumpstreetpsy/low-extender

# Download one playlist
scdl -l https://soundcloud.com/pandadub/sets/the-lost-ship

# Download only new tracks from a playlist
scdl -l https://soundcloud.com/pandadub/sets/the-lost-ship --download-archive archive.txt -c

# Sync playlist
scdl -l https://soundcloud.com/pandadub/sets/the-lost-ship --sync archive.txt

# Download your likes (with authentification token)
scdl me -f


-h --help                       Show this screen
--version                       Show version
-l [url]                        URL can be track/playlist/user
-n [maxtracks]                  Download the n last tracks of a playlist according to the creation date
-s                              Download the stream of a user (token needed)
-a                              Download all tracks of user (including reposts)
-t                              Download all uploads of a user (no reposts)
-f                              Download all favorites of a user
-C                              Download all commented by a user
-p                              Download all playlists of a user
-r                              Download all reposts of user
-c                              Continue if a downloaded file already exists
--force-metadata                This will set metadata on already downloaded track
-o [offset]                     Begin with a custom offset
--addtimestamp                  Add track creation timestamp to filename,
                                which allows for chronological sorting
--addtofile                     Add artist to filename if missing
--debug                         Set log level to DEBUG
--download-archive [file]       Keep track of track IDs in an archive file,
                                and skip already-downloaded files
--error                         Set log level to ERROR
--extract-artist                Set artist tag from title instead of username
--hide-progress                 Hide the wget progress bar
--hidewarnings                  Hide Warnings. (use with precaution)
--max-size [max-size]           Skip tracks larger than size (k/m/g)
--min-size [min-size]           Skip tracks smaller than size (k/m/g)
--no-playlist-folder            Download playlist tracks into main directory,
                                instead of making a playlist subfolder
--onlymp3                       Download only the streamable mp3 file,
                                even if track has a Downloadable file
--path [path]                   Use a custom path for downloaded files
--remove                        Remove any files not downloaded from execution
--sync [file]	                Compare an archive file to a playlist and downloads/removes any changed tracks
--flac                          Convert original files to .flac
--no-album-tag                  On some player track get the same cover art if from the same album, this prevent it
--original-art                  Download original cover art
--original-name                 Do not change name of original file downloads
--no-original                   Do not download original file; only mp3 or m4a
--only-original                 Only download songs with original file available
--name-format [format]          Specify the downloaded file name format
--playlist-name-format [format] Specify the downloaded file name format, if it is being downloaded as part of a playlist
--client-id [id]                Specify the client_id to use
--auth-token [token]            Specify the auth token to use
--overwrite                     Overwrite file if it already exists
--strict-playlist               Abort playlist downloading if one track fails to download


  • Automatically detect the type of link provided
  • Download all songs from a user
  • Download all songs and reposts from a user
  • Download all songs from one playlist
  • Download all songs from all playlists from a user
  • Download all songs from a user's favorites
  • Download only new tracks from a list (playlist, favorites, etc.)
  • Sync Playlist
  • Set the tags with mutagen (Title / Artist / Album / Artwork)
  • Create playlist files when downloading a playlist


GPL v2, original author flyingrub