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# Please choose your favorite resolution.
# Allowed resolutions: 16, 32, 64, 128 (pixels).
# The default value is 16 pixels.
hidden_doors_res (Resolution in pixels for the textures) int 16
# Here you can set your preferred value for the stone made hidden
# doors' opening and closing sounds, the default value is 5.0
hidden_doors_vol (Opening and closing sounds' volume in float) float 5.0
# You can choose to have concealed doors remain slightly visible - wooden
# doors which have been painted to match their surroundings.
# This allows players that pay attention to find concealed doors, as well
# as providing decor-matched doors for interior decoration.
hidden_doors_painted (Painted doors - visible but camouflaged) bool false
# Disable the module's nodes and activate the
# L.B.M. based module's nodes remover.
hidden_doors_remover (Disable and remove this mod's nodes) bool false