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##### LazyJ's Fork of a very old version of webdesigner97's "Streets" Mod

This version of 'Streets' is based off of one of webdesigner97's releases
sometime around 2013_04.

At, we have been using the same release of "Streets" since the
spring of 2013. With a few little tweaks, this smaller, simpler version has met
and exceeded all our road-making needs, then and now.

Maybe there are other servers and players who would like to have basic, modern-
looking roads for their worlds without a lot of extras. If so, this mod may just
be the ticket.

The newer versions of "Streets" are feature-rich and excellent. If you want to
create super highways and have various forms of infrastructure, I encourage
you to check the newer, full-featured versions of webdesigner97's latest work
on "Streets":


* GitHub

~ LazyJ, 2014_06_15

Minetest version: 0.4.9
Depends: default, wool
Recommended Additional Mods: none
License: GPL v2
Source Code:
Download (.zip):

* After downloading, unzip the file.
* Rename the directory "wazuland_streets-master" to "streets"
* Copy the "streets" directory into either
* If you put "streets" in the ../minetest/mods/ directory, either
enable the mod from within Minetest's "Configure" button
(main menu, bottom right) or by adding this line to the
world's "" file:
load_mod_streets = true