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##### LazyJ's Fork of Splizard's "Snow" Mod

This version of 'Snow' is based off of Splizard's 2013_12_25 release.

At, we have been using the Snow mod in our Minetest server for
a year now. I've been tweaking and patching things here-and-there and had a
few ideas. The little here-and-there things progressed into bigger and more
complex changes. Maybe other folks will enjoy these fixes, changes,
and additions.

~ LazyJ, 2014_06_01

Original Mod by Splizard: "Snow"
Minetest version: 0.4.9
Depends: default
Recommended Additional Mods: "More Blocks" by Calinou (2014_05_11 or newer)
License: GPL v2
Source Code:
Download (.zip):

* After downloading, unzip the file.
* Rename the directory "snow-master" to "snow"
* Copy the "snow" directory into either
* If you put "snow" in the ../minetest/mods/ directory, either
enable the mod from within Minetest's "Configure" button
(main menu, bottom right) or by adding this line to the
world's "" file:
load_mod_snow = true

List of Changes

##### MapGen

I did *not* fix Snow's mapgen issue with "PlantLife" (another great, Minetest
standard) based mods. Mapgen stuff is far beyond my current skill level.
What little changes I did make were to switch-out Snow nodes that Minetest
now has as defaults (dirt_with_snow, snow, ice). My thoughts being that
texture packs and other mods that may use these nodes as recipe items are more
likely to support default nodes. I also added a line above and below in the
"mapgen.lua" file indicating where to put the comment symbols to
comment-out/disable Snow's mapgen. Mods based on VanessaE's excellent
"PlantLife" mod will not produce if Snow's mapgen is active.
*Snow's mapgen is active by default.*
I did not disable it, merely indicated were the comment symbols are
to be placed. To compensate for the loss of snow resources when Snow's mapgen
is disabled, I created crafting recipes that allows players to craft more
snow, ice, and moss. This not only encourages snow builds, but also allows
the players to create snow biomes where they want and whatever size they are
willing to make them.

##### Fixed
* Pine saplings are now replaced with tree trunks when the tree grows.
* Snowballs no longer pass through solid objects. Griefers can no
longer flood the interiors of builds by throwing snowballs through the
walls hoping to either leave a snowy mess inside or that a heat source
would melt the snow and flood the interior.
* Snowballs no longer destroy nodes when thrown at the sides.
* Falling snow no longer destroys nodes (same problem snowballs had).
* Snow bricks now, instead of disappearing like before, melt
into water sources.
* Christmas tree saplings once again will drop when pine needles
are harvested.
* Dirt_with_snow changes to dirt when a solid, non-light permeating
(sunlight_propagates) block is set on top of it.

##### Changed
* All snow and ice stuff (including the stairs, slabs, panels, and
microblocks) will freeze dirt and dirt_with_grass into dirt_with_snow.
* All snow and most ice stuff will freeze water into ice, including
the stairs, slabs, panels, and microblocks. The exception is the
full-sized ice blocks will *not* freeze water into ice.
* Snow brick texture reworked and based off of the default stone brick
texture (and less purple in the grout).
* Ice stuff is now semi-transparent.
* Christmas trees now have blinking lights that give off a
low level of light.
* Christmas tree stars now give off a high level of light and the
light can be punched on or off.
* Combined default snow and snowballs. Now snow can be
thrown (left-click) or placed (right-click).
* Snow stuff now has "snow" sounds instead of "grass" sounds.
* Melting - Full-sized snow blocks, snow brick, snow cobble, and ice
will melt into water sources. The down-side is this makes a big,
permanent mess. The up-side, this is a convenient way to carry water,
if buckets are disabled on your server, by keeping full-sized snow
stuff and ice blocks in your inventory to, later, melt where you
need water.
* Melting - Partial and small-sized blocks like snow (snowballs),
basic stairs and slabs for snow stuff and ice, and circular saw-made
snow stuff and ice things will melt into a water source for 2 seconds,
then switch from a water source to flowing water, and after a moment
the flowing water dries-up (small, temporary mess).

##### Added
* New block-type: "Snow Cobble". Just like regular cobble from regular
stone, snow cobble comes from digging snow blocks.
* All snow and ice blocks can be crafted into basic slabs and stairs.
The default slabs stack and change back into full-sized blocks
("More Blocks" slabs won't do this).
* Soft dependency on a recent release Calinou's MoreBlocks so all
snow and ice blocks are compatible with the circular saw. If you don't
have MoreBlocks installed, Snow will ignore the code for those fancy
blocks and use basic stairs and slabs instead.
* All snow and ice stuff works with the screwdriver.
* Crafting, recycling, and cooking recipes for snow blocks,
ice, and moss.
* Snow bricks craft-recycle back into 4 snow blocks.
* 2 snow blocks craft into 3 snow blocks. This is to make up
for when the mapgen for snow biomes is disabled.
* 2 snow cobble craft-recycle into 3 snow blocks.
* 4 pine needles craft into 1 moss
* Snow blocks, snow cobble, and snow bricks can be cooked in a
furnace to make ice.
* Snowballs can be thrown (left-click) to build up layers. After the
11th layer, the bottom 9 layers change into a snow block. At a very
close distance, throwing snowballs can be used as a technique to
build-up gradual slopes. If you have lots and lots of snow balls,
with rapid-fire throwing, you can, very briefly, "white-out" another
player's view if your aim is good enough to hit them in the face.
* Snowballs can be placed (right-click) but will not stack into
multiple layers. Just one layer only. Placing snow is more reliable
and accurate than throwing snow from a distance. By placing snow,
players are able to create their own, personal, snow biomes.
* Vertical clearance check for tree growth. The nine blocks above the
spot where the sapling is placed must be free and clear of all
obstructions or else the sapling will not be allowed to grow.
Griefers could place the saplings in builds and when the tree grows
it may not destroy nodes but it fills the available air space leaving
a mess for the build's owner to clean-up. Now the trees will only grow
inside if there is 9, free-and-clear spaces from floor to ceiling.
Because pine trees (and Christmas trees) will grow on any solid surface,
their saplings are handy to take with you when deep mining. Just before
you run out of tool wood, dig out a space large enough for a tree to
grow, plant a pine or Christmas tree sapling then place 2 torches on
either side, right next to the sapling. After the tree grows harvest
the trunk for tool wood, the leaves for short-run fuel in the furnace
and for saplings to renew your tool wood supply again.
* Aliases to help make WorldEdit and "give" commands easier:

"default_snow" = "default:snow"
"snowball" = "default:snow"
"snowballs" = "default:snow"
"snow_ball" = "default:snow"
"ice" = "default:ice"
"default_ice" = "default:ice"
"dirtwithsnow" = "default:dirt_with_snow"
"snowdirt" = "default:dirt_with_snow"
"snowydirt" = "default:dirt_with_snow"
"snowblocks" = "default:snowblock"
"snowbrick" = "snow:snow_brick"
"bricksnow" = "snow:snow_brick"
"snowbricks" = "snow:snow_brick"
"snowybricks" = "snow:snow_brick"
"snowcobble" = "snow:snow_cobble"
"snowycobble" = "snow:snow_cobble"
"cobblesnow" = "snow:snow_cobble"


Falling Snow:
* Add code to prevent snowfall from depositing snow on or near torches,
active furnaces, and lava.

* Add code to prevent snowfall from depositing snow on
'walkable = false' defined nodes.

* Figure out why the player avatars remain in a seated position,
even after getting off the sled, if they flew while on the sled.
'default.player_set_animation', where is a better explanation for this and what
are it's available options?